Comments by LittleMissScareAll

  • "I appreciate it~ I honestly did not have anyone in mind, to be honest, I don't even remember what inspired this but whatever did or whoever I had in mind while subconsciously writing this, I thank them as well."
    Posted by LittleMissScareAll on "Little Drummer Boy" by LittleMissScareAll
  • "Wow! I love the imagery used, and in a way reminds me of My Life With the Wave by Octavio Paz and in the end revealed where the frustration resulted from. Honestly it was a quite enjoyable read. "
    Posted by LittleMissScareAll on "Emptiness...Expanded" by Mirage
  • "I haven't been writing as much and I do miss it, and when I do write I'm starting to think they'd make great song lyrics so I'm hesitant to post them on here because they're mostly incomplete. "
    Posted by LittleMissScareAll on "Forever?" by LittleMissScareAll
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