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I'm an intelligent, intellectual being. I'm easily the most energetic, charismatic person I know. Problem is I'm always lied to, used up, cheated, let down, stood up, ignored, ostrasized, outcast, pushed down...you get where I'm going with this. Here is an excerpt from my poem "Disillusioned", which will probably be the 1st of many I post here:
"...Soo many questions in this hole of loneliness that I rest in could easily make me believe my soul could be destined
With yours...
U sleep with me at dusk
I fawn over u til dawn
I fall over myself in the morning when I realize you're...
My body calls to u
My words captivate u
Disillusioned in my eyes
But deep inside u an illusion lies
U are a lie
An illusion in my mind
Will the day come that I find
The one who'll finally will be mine?..."

Mirage's Works

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