Comments by Mute Serenade

  • "You have left me the sweetest comments and I thank you :) ... Not so much panic attacks, but basically since I was a kid I've been way over the top type A.... "Ok! This objective is complete... Next objective!" My aggressive and unrelenting nature when it comes to accomplishments has been an asset, but it also means I spent years on edge, never slowing down, made perfectly uncomfortable but the insatiable urge to do because anything short of that made me feel inadequate :) a therapist once told me that I rush forward at break neck speeds so I can be bothered with what's happening to either side of my line of vision - dealing with past traumas, acknowledging the sickness in some relationships, etc. Moving forward to ignore :) it's been an isolating but lucrative issue to have. Lately I've been better about being present. Much much better :)"
    Posted by Mute Serenade on "Pea Tee Ess Dee" by Mute Serenade
  • "This is sweet and wrought with unrequited longing and beauty. Excellent write, you always bring such life to the pen (or the keyboard, pen sounded prettier) and I'm grateful to read it. "
    Posted by Mute Serenade on "...Testament of the unspoken" by SolApathy
  • "Yes! YESSSSSSSSS! I love this... Your pace your pace! I love the spoken word beauty that emerged from your work. This is excellent...."
    Posted by Mute Serenade on "origami itself" by AniDayz
  • "This is brilliant. I love the pace and movement this piece creates. It takes on a life of it's own as you read the words. Your letters dance."
    Posted by Mute Serenade on "hypothetical hue" by AniDayz
  • "I come back to this often... A year ago my marriage ended in similar verse. I can't tell you how often I read this to feel the kindred words from another soul barely contained, crying out over the agony of love lost. Thank you, thank you for such a timeleas piece... Just as great 13 odd years later..."
    Posted by Mute Serenade on "The morality you stole from me..." by Methos
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