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  • "Yea I was thinking much the same. I hope the best things have happened to you Forever Cold. There are painful memories still lingering in my mind, from talking to you back then. "
    Posted by Blinded_Tiger on "“Painful Memories”" by Forever Cold
  • "The ending made me laugh, it is clear then that you have artistic sense and humor about yourself even when all is dark: that is admired. I can tell you that even if we all wish to be young, I would not trade with you right now, since I really think the theme of "fakeness" both in your generation but certainly also in the adult world that you now see clearly, is worse then ever. Now every generation has it, but I sincerly think your generation has a rough deal in this sense. My advise is to be individualistic in a spiritual sense, and that you are allready doing, so ... you will be okey :)"
    Posted by Blinded_Tiger on "Beautiful Disaster" by Livingdeadgirl
  • "tarrot ^^ exactly. I plan to leave archetypical thinking(as much as I possible can). Was wondering if any would realize tarrot is the key word."
    Posted by Blinded_Tiger on "The Cunning Few" by Blinded_Tiger
  • "At times the greatest form of tolerance is to be intolerant towards intolerance. It is equaly possible to be intolerant towards actions and opinions without being intolerant towards a person. Christians ect. who believe that babtism as example actualy works would ofcource say otherwise, since I am sure I hurt their invisible aura by my words all the time. I do not attack them at all however. I do however strongly critizise make belief and invisible objects. It should be clear to any same person why it is against the individuals interest to live in a place where people talk to invisible things and try to convince others that they are speaking to them .. to do as their invisible friends say. No sane individual wants to live in a global asylum of mass insanity. Simple as that. Clearly insane people can be nice however, just that they can be damn dangerous aswell, especialy when they are not aware that they are nuts. I support this write! ;)"
    Posted by Blinded_Tiger on "Religion" by Mothkisses
  • "I am very glad you saw that in it. That is the most important point. It is my way of making these poems personal. I take it personal, since while I work on them I go through the same transformation. It starts out as a dark game and an act but along the way there is the transformation. All the way from when I wrote "Will Of The Rose" and till now I have done it hundreds of times. To futher share some writters info I usualy write hard facts, reason or intend in the middle, but end the poem with decribing how it(she) effected me in 3 person. It is a formala I became aware of after awhile, it was never scripted. Yes I did cry in the end of writting will of the rose, and I think it just went from there. It is also my way of being able to put myself in someones place without being confused, numbed, or hardened over the years. If anything I am able of being more outraged or sad then ever ;) Mostly since the older I get, the more I see how simple minded many people are. Two kinds of people. Those that build and those that destroy. That is a provoking statement, since many people use their whole life trying to be "special". But I could also say two kinds of people. Those that use their time secretly wishing they could crawl back up in their mother(god) and/or kill her, and then those who realize that life is an experience and that wishing and killing(agression) simply is admitting to an incredible immature weakness. Breiwik is a great example. Confused, wanting to crawl up in his mother for sure if he could, but he can not so he treated her like shit secretly wanting to kill her. Undeveloped individuals, who try so hard to convince the world that they are not weak. Also, those that wish(prey) will allways find those that kill(destroy) incredible strong. They are the same weakness, just one is feminine and one is masculin. Thus, the jail mails... Rant out :p"
    Posted by Blinded_Tiger on "Journal Mans Plea" by Blinded_Tiger
  • "Interesting :) In my mind there is something moraly perverted about filming passively. However logicly it breaks silence if the truth comes out. Then again the global world is bombarded with such news of atrocitys, that could possible serve to numb or harden the general mindset. Think I will stick to figuring out what happends in the minds of the victim, witness and to some extend the agressesor. Let someone els analyse the bigger picture. Btw I have been here since 2003! ;)"
    Posted by Blinded_Tiger on "Journal Mans Plea" by Blinded_Tiger
  • "Yea I tried to make this broad so it could fit alot of cases. Mostly on my mind was Tamil journalist Isaippiriya. It was originaly from 2003 about an incident in vietnam, but I gave it a total reedit, actualy more of a rewrite. Isaippiriya was raped and killed by the Sri Lanka military after the war was supposed to be over. Like many other Tamils. One of the consequenses of the so called terror list. It is okey since hey, their fighters are on the terror list. Terrorist, journalists who cares right. In anyway that guvernment and many others love the list, since they can do whatever they want then. None know who took the photos and videos of her body. But here I give the man/men a benefit of doubt and hope he has a foul taste in his mouth in the years to come. And yes it is about baring witness, but being unable to do anything, so you are spot on."
    Posted by Blinded_Tiger on "Journal Mans Plea" by Blinded_Tiger
  • "If I was to print this and put it on the wall, it would flirt more then all the teenage posters of women, I used to have combined. Enticing, thrilling, willful, mature. I love it Robyn, it is a node that can be heard loud and clear. ~ Tiger"
    Posted by Blinded_Tiger on "What I Wanna Be" by Nehema
  • "Perfect flow from start till end in continuity and language. Even then it is suprising and interesting to me. My dad was alchoholic and abusive, but all the boundaries of doubt and love seems pretty much clarified here. Even to the degree of a clear sight towards the future. I gotta praise you for the strenght. Feelings works against us at times and you seem to be perfectly aware of that. Very much enjoyed."
    Posted by Blinded_Tiger on "leave, daddy" by unlovedandalone
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