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There's a hole in the world like a great black pit
And its full with people who are filled with shit

Asura's Works

Poetry (Love)2015-11-07Tears...
Poetry (Horror)2015-11-19the Ragman - 3 A.M.
Poetry (Horror)2015-11-19Farmer John
Poetry (Philosophical)0000-00-00Fallout
Poetry (Depressed)2016-05-17Hanging hope
Poetry (Philosophical)0000-00-00Tainted
Poetry (Personal)0000-00-00questionaire
Poetry 2016-10-29Grimm's Tales I
Poetry (Personal)0000-00-00night by night
Poetry 0000-00-00chemicals collide
Poetry (Structured)2016-12-16Crimson dream
Poetry (Personal)2016-12-25suicide on white rose petals
Poetry (Philosophical)2017-04-05What a strange death...
Poetry (Structured)2018-06-06Translucid
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