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I'm a freak, VERY short (4'10), i love music and sleeping, and video games, and rainbows, and my sister is KatTheKiller ^.^ (Hi sissy)
Taste the rainbow :D

( (\
/ \ SO FAB!!

SinisterSkittles's Works

Poetry (Depressed)2014-03-13Nightmare
Poetry (Personal)2014-03-17I Promsie
Poetry (Personal)2014-03-17Phoenix's Flame
Poetry (Love)2014-03-21Loving Words
Poetry (Depressed)2014-03-26Captured
Poetry (Personal)2014-04-08Losing Control
Poetry (Depressed)2014-04-21A.L.O.N.E
Poetry (Depressed)2014-05-06Everyday
Poetry (Personal)2014-05-08My Grim Reaper
Poetry (Personal)2014-10-15Marionette
Other (Depressed)2016-02-01Hello Old Friend
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