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I was only 14 years old when I started here, now I am 16, and have been very emotional as long as I can remember. I have books, journals, notepads, and magazines with writing all in them. I have random folders around my room with all sorts of twisted stories and little poems I write. When I wake up and find myself singing a song, I will write it down and make a poem out of it. I also write lyrics. My step mother showed me this website by sending some poetry from people who have accounts here. I have found some very interesting and not so intersting things. So here is where I choose to spill my heart now. I have works on here that have been rewarded 1st place at writing competitions. One of which is "Love Always". "The Memegan Effect" brought tears to everyone in my class's eyes. Enjoy (:

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Poetry (Ironic)2008-03-31Poet of Dreams
Lyrics (Reflective)2008-04-01Sorrow in a Bleeding heart.
Short Story (Philosophical)2008-04-03Can i be your Juliet?
Rant 2008-04-17School, School, School
Poetry (Tribute)2008-04-18Megans Cry
Journal (Love)2008-05-19Secret Love
Lyrics (Personal)2008-05-21Panic your heart out...
Poetry 2008-05-23Work in progress**
Journal (Comedy)2008-05-24He's Da Pope
Poetry (Personal)2008-05-27I'm not an object..
Poetry (Love)2008-08-08Dream Fairy
Poetry (Reflective)2008-10-20I Wonder If It's That Simple...
Short Story 2008-12-18Love Always
Review (Personal)2008-12-24Dirty Road.. a dream i had. 12/24/08
Poetry (Philosophical)2009-02-26Heart Spilling
Poetry (Personal)2009-02-26Doctor
Poetry (Fantasy)2009-02-26Favorite Place
Poetry (Fantasy)2010-02-19Revised Poet of Dreams
Short Story (Fiction)2010-03-02Identities page 1
Poetry 2010-03-02Identities page 2
Poetry 2010-03-02Identities page 3
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