my.favorite. LOVE \PoeM/

By ashottothetemple

Until this I was never sure.
I woke up from another night of sleeplessness.
Still wasn't prepared for the day ahead.
Nor for life that was still in me.
In the midst of this morns midst.
I felt your touch in a way I had never sought.
Never even .T.H.O.U.G.H.T.
Now I'm slipping from sanity.
I've lost nothing::with so much to lose.
Been praying for death every morning in the rain.
Church steps called me day past day past day past day.
Did you know?
Did you know I keep you with me always.
I'd pull out your memory but with my s.l..i...pp....i.....n......g MinD.
I fear for it's -loss or addition of +resent
Can you read my sylables?
I can hardly read my own type anymore.
It hardley seems real, like a nightmare.
I've lost my MinD this `thyme` and don't blame you if.
If you leave and no longer knock on my door.
Why did it happen that way?
I don't ask that.
Sense of .P.R.I.D.E. $&$ .P.E.A.C.E.
See????? I didn't DIE!
I'm still alive and my love for you has begun to regrow.
I continue to water this seed in it's most dire of needs.
A simple man. With a simple plan.
Marry a beautiful creature with such talent for the pen.
I keep wiritng until the =ink= has dried form my arms.
Please? Won't you? One more?
::Rips out my still heart::
Please; make it work again?
I think I broke it, Oh, Won't you make it beat.tick.beat

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© 2006 ashottothetemple
Published on Wednesday, August 30, 2006.     Filed under: "Reflective" and "Poetry"
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  • in2th3Abyss On Friday, June 16, 2023, in2th3Abyss (34)By person wrote:

    beautifully written. i love the way you use your words, the way you accentuate them and drag them out when needed.

  • Drea On Monday, August 1, 2011, Drea (1415)By person wrote:

    I miss you. Lately I find myself reading these and hearing myself say these words....out loud.

  • BeautifullyRuined On Tuesday, March 20, 2007, BeautifullyRuined (94)By person wrote:

    This is beautiful.

  • wicked flesh On Friday, November 3, 2006, wicked flesh (22)By person wrote:

    i love this, it makes me want to burrow inside the earth and breathe in the world's heart

  • A former member wrote: this aches with passion and wanting, and long as you still have that, your heart will wear the years. I can definitely relate with all the emotions.

  • K_Love On Wednesday, August 30, 2006, K_Love (525)By person wrote:

    Thought provoking. Mysterious and deeply written from a beautiful heart. Stunningly amazing.

  • A former member wrote: "Please; make it work again?" Aside from the way you formatted this, with all the = and __ and ::, I enjoyed this greatly. Perhaps next time, just use words? Excellent piece though. ~*Beth*~

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