Rag Doll

By dreadlox33

Rag Doll

  Rag Doll
Shadowed accoutrement
Silver frost tips;
Doll in the basket
Judas black lips.
Grandfather clock weights
Metronome stasis;
Ragdoll complexion
Jezebel Jesus.
Crimson yarn mopsytop
Redemption jinx flossed;
Seamstress impalement
Eye socket lost.
Locked attic bedlum
Manikin poised;
Ivory tusk earrings
Hung like a toy.
Unholy plaything
Wickerman stitched;
Glass eyed expression
Affixed to be bitched.
Scarlet red tentacles
Medusa's flamed head;
Dante's inferno
Chalice and bread.
Diminutive infant
Pony tailed wimp;
Skin crawling ginger
Ouija board imp.
Lollipop orphan
Nose like a bell;
Stitched down the dimples
Portal through hell.
Incarnadine flowers
Prism glass vase;
Soulless creation
Pray for the face.
Checkerboard virgin
Agnostic confessed;
Accordian rib cage
God what a mess.
~    ........ian
~      11-7-21

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Copyright 2021 dreadlox33
Published on Monday, November 15, 2021.     Filed under: "Graphic Art"
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