~Where have I gone?~

By ExaCute

There is a darkness burning inside
Tearing a hole in my chest
to reveal the pain
That is eating away at
all that is left
I try and breath but it only
feels that I'm drowning
in the crushing waves that
are my tears
I can not breath

Why is it so hard to see?

I know some where in this darkness is a light
But I feel that I am far to gone
to even see a glint of hope
Am I to just surrender
Be thankful for what was
as I am that no longer

I feel sick...

Not even dreams
can take me out of this reality
Its painful to say
that I have lost all hope
in happiness

Where have I gone?

Every day I feel I'm growing weaker
Its as though every will of my being
has just stopped
Will this be what will take me
in the end?
Will I slowly forget how to breath
Will my mind finally win
and I take away the precious
breath from my own lungs?

What has this depression done?
Where have I gone?

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Copyright 2013 ExaCute
Published on Monday, May 20, 2013.     Filed under: "Depressed" and "Poetry"

Author's Note:

so its been a while since i've done a deep poem about my true feelins so i guss here is an update
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