Comments by disfunctionalak

  • "Thank you Kinki.... Yes it's been some time since I've been here and way overdue to release some of this poison inside me... Thank you for the comments and hopefully I can get back into this writing thing... ;)"
    Posted by disfunctionalak on "Loveless" by disfunctionalak
  • "wow.... Leaving me all alone in this world of knives... I love this... exactly the way I have been feeling... I love reading your works, very well written... Thanks for sharing all of them...."
    Posted by disfunctionalak on "Alone" by Gray Vision
  • "All I can say is that one day you will realise what true, pure, uninhibited love is and when it happens you will know sweets... before you can expect someone else to love you, you must first love yourself... I've been down this road you write of too many times but I will not let that defeat me, It doesn't get any easier the more times you love and lose but you do become wiser and hopefully learn from and take something away from each one of those moments in time... Keep your head up sweetheart, you will find what your looking for when your not even looking for it... :)"
    Posted by disfunctionalak on "Love or the lack of it" by MegannVidal
  • "But as you know, I'm too hopeless to follow you down.... Love it... Another great piece... Keep up the great writing... ;) "
    Posted by disfunctionalak on "Maybe" by Wax Wings
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