Comments by Antony

  • "This work oozes with such strong emotion. I love your work for that reason, it's all so raw and real, but expressed so beautifuly through your words. Excellent work. Thanks for all your encouragment and comments.."
    Posted by Antony on "frigate farrow" by capt_funguy
  • "Is there some girl that you desperatley want but can't have? I have noticed a certain tone in your poetry as of late. Great read."
    Posted by Antony on "rorshach man" by theBAC
  • "That was kind of sad. Naturally this is about much more than a flower, but I did picture a flower as I read it. Great read."
    Posted by Antony on "The Flower" by Lady_Ahz
  • "I've never understood why people cut themselves but someone once told me that it was better than everything else. This poem was fantastic and gave me a new view-point. Great job. "
    Posted by Antony on "Pain Excused" by Storm
  • "Ironically I was just debating what I should do with the person I really care about. So I came on the site and read this amazing poem and I think it's high time I returned to me. Great job!"
    Posted by Antony on "I Will Let You Go" by cre
  • "The feeling I got once I read this poem was very strange. I like it (the feeling) and love the poem. It's going on my favorites. Infact, I'm going to read it again! =)"
    Posted by Antony on "Forever" by Wounded
  • "A beautiful poem from I'm sure a beautiful person. I think you're going to get to the point where you won't want to hide anymore. xo"
    Posted by Antony on "I Was Once Beautiful" by GothicBlack
  • "I really enjoyed this poem. It was very well written and came from an interesting perspective. It's funny though that drunken sex is just cheap because men move on and women hold on to that. "
    Posted by Antony on "andala & the dildo of frozen tears" by theBAC
  • "I really enjoyed this poem and could relate (to a point) I wasn't such a fan of BITCH being in CAPS. That seemed kind of lame, but other than that amazing.. Well done"
    Posted by Antony on "The Bitch" by Rebel_Angel
  • "This poem embodies such raw emotion. I love it... "My face once spelt love in a language I only knew.." I love that line."
    Posted by Antony on "The Past" by _Andrew_
  • "Why do I have this sudden urge to rub vasaline all over my body and buy plastic sheets?! Great work - very dark.."
    Posted by Antony on "Manslave" by flying_fox
  • "That was beautiful. Truly. Sometimes it's nice to appreciate the small things. That things we're usually too jaded to notice. xo"
    Posted by Antony on "What I Believe In" by Lady_Ahz
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