Comments by Rebel tiGer King

  • "Your words, when I read them they root deep and layer the simplicity of how raw these words are. Thanks for the read -RTK"
    Posted by Rebel tiGer King on "divulge. " by sIo
  • "and i read as if it were fragments of things to come, held together by the reality that is and the things that passed behind the base of things, something of a tapered vision of the fog weakening, and finally being able to sleep because reality is now better than my dreams -symph-"
    Posted by Rebel tiGer King on "impolitely.everafter" by sIo
  • "read it a few times now, this just keeps gettin better each time -kisses cheek- awesome -symph-"
    Posted by Rebel tiGer King on "for you." by sIo
  • "no words to describe the wonders in this journey, something like life gripping onto the memories of what is to come, murging two souls together"
    Posted by Rebel tiGer King on "like this. touch me " by sIo
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