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  • "I look to God because I don't know what the fuck to do with myself. I've tried to figure that out. I'm up, thumbs. I believe because just about the time I give up, he's there. When I pray, sincere, it's something special. Just my accord. For example, I thought I was going to lose my job, I'm a fucked up, mess but, when I thought I was done. I got an invitation to join the crew. I can't sway you, I can just tell you a story."
    Posted by Phalanx on "Ijustdontfuckinggetpeople" by vamp_111
  • "I've lost myself in this hell and still am but, it leads you, no where. The reason I'm so conflicted is because there is a war between to worlds. Fall far enough and you'll understand. The reason why it sounds good is because you're talking yourself out of hope. That's how it, tricks you. It convinces you that there's nothing better than this or lower."
    Posted by Phalanx on "Profanity" by LIFEINVADER
  • "Thank you so much!! You have no idea how much you & that means to me! I have been through a ton of fucked up, over, and over, and over, and over, and over, & over again... I can’t even tell you or anyone else just how horrific my life has been., literally constantly. I need to write some new material, but I’ll keep posting some of my older work for now since there’s a lot of it. If you like the other one and this one that you commenting on, you’d probably enjoy the ones from 2005-2006, too. They’re much more dark, and I wrote them a long time ago, but they are still pretty damn good. Thank you so much for your input and all of your kind words! You have no idea just how much all is it means to me! I really hope that you can find peace and happiness. I’m afraid that I will never get to find any of those things or anything else that is good in my life. It seems like no matter what I do, my life ends up being a living hell no matter what I do or say. I don’t know how much longer I can take this bullshit. I haven’t been able to deal with any of this bullshit for about two decades or more now, and things just keep getting worse, and worse, and worse for me, no matter how positive I try to be and no matter what I try to do, and it’s really fucked up. I’ve always thought that God hated me, and it seems like I was right. I actually killed myself in 2009 and they had to restart my heart at least three times and I was pronounced to see you for at least two of those times. I was brought back to life, but my misery has never stopped no matter what, and it was like that before I killed myself in 2009. It really fucking sucks so much..."
    Posted by murderedhearts_blood on "Whenever I’m With You." by murderedhearts_blood
  • "Oh and how it taunts us all at times. An ode of worth here, so clever and cunning in the verbage and flow. This is a masterpiece."
    Posted by Amaryllis on "Blank Page" by God Is In The Rain
  • "I like how you write, it seems so sincere, concise, my writing is more abstract and sometimes I can't even make up what is going on, some pains are impossible to forget, nor can be healed, but hey, at least you can live to see the source of all your evil decay.."
    Posted by LIFEINVADER on "Whenever I’m With You." by murderedhearts_blood
  • "Trust me, I know that it never goes away. Every single fucked up thing that has ever happened to me and that has been lost to me will never go away, and I will always feel like I want to die. I want to die from the first time that I wake up, to the afternoon, evening, and even in my dreams. I can’t get away from that feeling, and I wish that there was a way to completely eradicate that feeling from people forever. I’m sorry that it has taken me over one decade to reply. I completely forgot about this site, and I was shipped off to my 10th boarding school which was not really a boarding school at all… it was pure agony and I cannot even begin to describe just how horrific, fucked up, evil, and cruel they were, I’m on so many more things like that… It is still inside of me and it still affects my life so much, and I don’t think that that feeling will go away ever either."
    Posted by murderedhearts_blood on "Dying Inside" by murderedhearts_blood
  • "I don't get people either, in regards to religion. I suppose it might provide comfort for them to think their sins are forgiven. I agree with your sentiments at the end as well. I think Freddy Kruger said it best in Nightmare on Elm Street 2. "Help yourself, fucker!""
    Posted by specter on "Ijustdontfuckinggetpeople" by vamp_111
  • "Thank you so much for your comment which really means a lot to me!! I’m really sorry that it has taken me over one decade to reply, but I was shipped away to a boarding school which is not really a boarding school for the 10th time being sent away (unless you include my birth mother and my foster mothers), and I completely forgot about this site! Thank you so much again!"
    Posted by murderedhearts_blood on "Dying Inside" by murderedhearts_blood
  • "Yes, it sure does suck do you feel that way… I literally can’t stop feeling this way, and I can’t even remember the last time that I was actually happy. Well, that’s not really true… I was happy when I got my first cat named Kitty (because he was the best cat and/or best being who had the EVER lived & who had the best soul, and he died in my arms in my arms on Christmas Eve morning... he was my best friend and my family... I lost a piece of my soul that day and beyond, forever…), when I got my second cat, the day that I died in 2009, and, of course, when my daughter was born in 2011. But I can’t stop feeling this way… I think of suicide constantly and I always thought that I was going to kill myself after Kitty died, but my other cat (Kletus) looked so devastated, and sad, and hopeless, which was something that I have never seen before in him, and I couldn’t break his heart all over again. It still affects him to this very day, and his personality has changed quite a bit since that happened. So, once he passes away, I’m going to do it then. Kitty was literally my soulmate and he was always the number one on the list of people who I love the most, or, in this case, the animal who loved the most."
    Posted by murderedhearts_blood on "A Letter to Myself" by murderedhearts_blood
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