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  • "Captures the on-point premise of life being this unknown and powerful force that can help us overcome even the greatest challenges by tearing things apart and creating anew, in my opinion anyhow... A quality write indeed. Cheers."
    Posted by LIFEINVADER on "Hex." by Feral
  • "so I was laying awake last night thinking what I said didn't make sense ... too hastily formed, it's not the time , it's instantaneous, that blinding flash of hindsight or insight. One is left beautiful , fragile , awe-inspiring ..."
    Posted by kinkifrog on "Albatross " by Feral
  • "I don’t know why, but this is making me want to call up taoist quotes. Well, I do know why, but that is beside the point. My point is this, lady: this write, your language, this way of expressly constructing ideas (yes, I nabbed it…well sort of) is so uniquely yours… knowing you, it probably has an elemental signature that stands out in the ultra violet spectrum. Stop being so damn clever. “…a resonate form opens” …the last three stanzas really pull this together. Now' fulgurite… that’s curious to be sure; can’t quite figure on what is the key element here, the sand, the lightning or the glass. Curious, very curious. ~b"
    Posted by blue on "Albatross " by Feral
  • "this struck me as enlightening and mysterious , as though on the precipice of a great epiphany and a daunting void.It's going to take some time to bloom into stone without the catalyst. Missed you ... precious"
    Posted by kinkifrog on "Albatross " by Feral
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