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  • "your word play put me in the moment, he is a hungry lion stalking his prey and attacks me so gently. like that always a pleasure. "
    Posted by sadistic intent hex on "Collapse" by Quietus
  • "There's such beautiful imagery in this. It sucks when someone you once loved turns into someone you don't even recognize. I had a few people in mind when reading this. "
    Posted by Quietus on "Violent Vortex" by FearlessDragon
  • "Thank you... As always a pleasure to read your comments. Made a little change to it by the way... Changed "backs" to "back". I believe this my give the reader a little more insight. Thank again TS. "
    Posted by tmanzano on "Sandwiches" by tmanzano
  • "a real punch to the mouth of those that proclaim theres is the only one. touching on the corruption and how people just follow a man. pagan religions practicing human sacrifice it is a moral and spirituel crime now you may rise to receive the blood and body of christ. perfect write."
    Posted by sadistic intent hex on "Losing my Religion" by Damien
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