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  • "I have often wanted to find a medium that could capture many thoughts and words in a snap of time... you seem to have found the eye into the eye of the heart. I, forgive me, have to spat the many letters on this keyboard to simply convey a simplicity of admiration of this talent. I am sucked in..."
    Posted by tmanzano on "private mythologies: a celebration of choice" by Feral
  • "Don't read too far into this asshole... I think I fell in love with you a long time ago for so many other unconventional reasons. I fuckin hate you and love you. So with that... go fuck yourself and hope you are doing well. "
    Posted by tmanzano on "Understanding Depression " by tmanzano
  • "Dwells It’s good to see you back, and with a vengeance I might add. I feel like more seals will be broken over the next few years. Later my friend- m0"
    Posted by molock on "Disciplinarian" by dwells
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