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  • "their moments of collide. jesus. poignant and complete in just a few syllables. powerful "
    Posted by Adagios on "111" by soul_versing
  • "Dude, we just received the comment from this site. But where have you been, hopefully you're good and thanks a ton"
    Posted by I IS ME on "My Mermaid" by I IS ME
  • "My how how you've expanded your horizons poetry wise . I think evey man has that mermaid that he can't live with or live without . Well done ."
    Posted by midnights voice on "My Mermaid" by I IS ME
  • "Wow! I love the imagery used, and in a way reminds me of My Life With the Wave by Octavio Paz and in the end revealed where the frustration resulted from. Honestly it was a quite enjoyable read. "
    Posted by LittleMissScareAll on "Emptiness...Expanded" by Mirage
  • "A wonderful poem that works on both a literal and metaphorical level. Is the protagonist a fantasist, a crazed killer or both? And never being able to find out is the X factor."
    Posted by carlosjackal on "Love Past." by LittleMissScareAll
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