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  • "I’m so sorry that this happened to you too, and if you ever need someone to talk to, event, or just listen, or chat, please don’t hesitate to do so! If has been quite some time since I have been on here, so I am so sorry for the delay! Thank you so much for your comment and never give up on yourself who is an amazing person or let anyone tell you otherwise! I’ll be praying for you, and again, I wanted to let you know how sorry I am that this happened to you as well. I hope that you have a blessed and a very wonderful day!"
    Posted by murderedhearts_blood on "WHY?? (mature content)" by murderedhearts_blood
  • "I’m so sorry that this happened to you too! It is a very painful existence once it happens to you, and I just don’t know how to get out of this shit life without dying. I’m not saying that I want to die, but that’s really the only way that I can think of to end my misery… my constant misery. Thank you so much for the comment, and if you need to vent or chat with someone, please don’t hesitate to ask me because I’m a great listener & I actually understand what you’re going through."
    Posted by murderedhearts_blood on "WHY?? (mature content)" by murderedhearts_blood
  • "Great piece! Always working for Someday, maybe next Saturday...out of reach and also just so very almost there. We live in this moment as we strive toward the next, but its always important to remember this moment is the one we actually inhabit. Marcus Aurileus wrote something just like that and I had the delicious sense when I read it, my goodness, 2000 years removed from my own timeline and yet he gets me. I felt a similar feeling when I read this piece, although your metrr and flow were cooler than his. :) Ciao, T/S"
    Posted by TropicalSnowstorm on "Monday" by God Is In The Rain
  • "Thank you so much! My old one is back now too, and I’m pretty sure that it’s called Murderedhearts_blood too! I mean, I think that it’s waft it’s called. If it’s different than that, I’ll definitely let you know, but I’m basically positive , and you should check it out! I’ve been on and off of here since 2005, so... yeah. Lol. I don’t use this one anymore. Thanks again!!"
    Posted by murderedhearts_bloodofevil2 on "C.U.T.S." by murderedhearts_bloodofevil2
  • "i'ts great that you have words to only suggestion is to put a date and signature to your work....but that's just my opinion.....ian"
    Posted by dreadlox33 on "one set in stone" by haydenhavoc
  • "Really appreciate the flow of this work. It feels like you are standing im the middle of it all, watching everyone scramble getting they're stuff together to be in time for another week's work. Nice write! "
    Posted by Sever Ties on "Monday" by God Is In The Rain
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