By Lifeless

This rush is in me.
This throbbing pain.
Flows in my blood.
Inherits my brain.
Takes control of my being,
Of my total self.
This rush is in me.
This shrieking scream.
Echoes in my mind.
Knocks me off my feet.
Takes my position.
Plays my role.
This rush is in me.
This forbidden desire.
Toys with my head.
Starts my fire.
Takes all authority.
It’s in control.
This rush is in me.
This foolish game.
It speaks loudly to me.
It calls my name.
Takes all hope,
Away from me.
This rush is in me.
This evil spell.
Makes everything blurry.
Makes my life a living hell.
Moves into my body.
Takes residence.
This rush is in me.
This deadly infection.
Swells in my skull.
Without invitation.
Bleeds a cold blood.
A poisonous secretion.
This rush is in me.
This homicidal fever.
It arrests my soul.
Makes me the all mighty deceiver.
Reads me my rights.
Takes me into captivity.
This rush is in me.
This illegal drug.
Takes comfort to me.
Gives dark, cold hugs.
Injects death.
A lethal thing.
This rush is in me.
This sinful greed.
Takes all leaves nothing.
Abondions every need.
Leaves me alone.
Alone to die.

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Copyright 2022 Lifeless
Published on Sunday, October 2, 2022.     Filed under: "Personal" and "Poetry"
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  • Nixx On Thursday, October 6, 2022, Nixx (241)By person wrote:

    Good escalation

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