Comments by Nixx

  • "Love should never hurt. Best lesson learned was to walk away."
    Posted by Nixx on "Untitled" by Misery941
  • "the old familiar arms of all things bad for us but we keep going back like we have a certain addiction to them. this is the second poem of yours I've stumbled upon that I like. this one's going on my favourites list!"
    Posted by Nixx on "Your Marionette Once Again" by voodooink71
  • "i hope for some pretty nonsensical stuff then lol"
    Posted by Nixx on "Mirrors" by Phalanx
  • "it sucks when you invest everything for someone else's happiness at your own expense only to realize that it really isn't worth it. i've been there, thatnks for reminding me what's important :)"
    Posted by Nixx on "Is It Over Yet?" by voodooink71
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