How I Remember You:

By Cimmeria

{My tribute to TheCrow, the character Eric Draven, and the late actor Brandon Lee}
HOW I REMEMBER YOU: (poetry) #WrittenIn98'
of my sophomore year Salt Lake City West Valley UT. at Granger High School. 

How I remember you.
In black charochol smudges 
lightly thundering across
your painted face
How I remember the way 
you loved her, in the way
you ached in her missing.
Your agony beyond the crucifix,
in the way you died of her.
How I remembered the way I
died in love of yours.
How I wanted so badly
to be loved and to love
that way. 
How atrocity abrupts in your
How I wondered how can a God
forbid such a love of another,
a life taken and given back 
only to destroy without
redemption, nor remorse, in
vengeance, in anger, in hurt, 
in love? 
How can anger be so wrong 
just to make the wrong things
How I ached inside in how much
I love you, a character of these 
dark poetic pages of you.
How I wrote in everything of
your depths, the chronic sadness.
How divinity was you, and Brandon.
How I dread for a long, long time
to cultivate such a deity this way. 
I will never be the same again for 
the rest of my living life. 
I am afflicted forever by the pages
written by James O'Barr, I know now
what dying inside for the one you love
is all about.
© Manumea 20121

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Copyright 2021 Manumea
Published on Thursday, July 15, 2021.     Filed under: "Poetry"

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