You've helped me grow

By Alectozere

I don't understand

Why can't you tell me what's wrong?
What is it that just ruined this relationship we've had all along?

I'm glad this is not about love, else I'd have so much more pain inside me while trying to understand...
Please, please just help me see where we stand...

We've had our few differents, we've both at somme point made a mistake,
But why's it always the same story? Something always dies between me and other people, putting our communication at stake.

It's not just you, but any time I don't understand something, nobody seems to be able to tell me the matter, heart to heart,
And for some reason they seem okay with us just drifting apart?

Why's it so hard to be clear for people, to be honest with themselves and me?
Why do they just leave things as they are, a small misunderstanding growing to the size of a sea...

I... am a hypocrite. I'm guilty of this, too.
Because I also find it easier to blame this on you...

I could've been the bigger person and go talk things out...
Yet it would seem I found it easier to accept the fact that you abandonned our friendship and just walked out.

We were just growing as friends, creating bonds and souvenirs.
Oh well, I guess we weren't the kind of people who'd get along for years.

I still wonder though, to this day...
If I had talked to you and tried to heal this small scratch, would we have so easily drifted away?

At the end of the day, everyone's the same, shifting the blame, trying to clear their name in ways often lame...

We may have not stuck with each other, but you made me grow in the small frame of time we shared together.
I now see that I can't blame on others or on fate what I, myself, could've worked towards fixing, could've made better.

So thank you, now acquaintance, for this little lesson you taught me.
No harm was caused in this that would last eternally.

I wish you strenght and love, wherever you might be.
Because you've helped me grow and this is precious to me.

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Copyright 2020 Alectozere
Published on Sunday, November 15, 2020.     Filed under: "Reflective" and "Journal"

Author's Note:

Some relationships are worth being worked towards, others are not. However, I believe that you can learn from both.
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  • happilydepressed On Monday, November 16, 2020, happilydepressed (419)By person wrote:

    Every friendship is precious as well as the lessons of failed friendships, I'm glad you see the value in both friend, : ) : (

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