I Am

By JustAnEarlyBird

A leaf carried by a breeze
I have little to my name

Withered and worn,
I've seen my share of change--
A season's change;
Not much

I'm green;
but its only the reflection--
the truth is more profound
Than what can be seen
In a shallow puddle.

And I--
I am an ocean

Buried in the layers
Of my soft flesh--
in the depth
Of my existence,
A vastness, unseen.

As I'm dragged along,
I take it all,
The violent words
Whispered against my flesh by
angry winds and crashing waves--
The desire of the flames, exploding in ecstacy;
A forest succumbing in shame.

The pain, the loss, the value
Of the world.
I hear it
And I speak of it--
Not at all.

Not of the sorrow of
A ragged root caught around the ankle
Of innocence--
Or of a branch
Torn from the elder tree's body;
The agony of Wisdom's desecration

Like the Library of Alexandria;
All the knowledge of a nation

I hear the prayers of desperate men
And I hear the curses of madmen

And because I am everything
And nothing
All at once
I hear, I feel, I see

I stand somewhere between
the bearer and the destroyer;
And I watch
As war is waged.

Green, am I.
But, Oh, the things I've seen

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Copyright 2020 JustAnEarlyBird
Published on Monday, July 27, 2020.     Filed under: "Poetry"
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Comments on "I Am"

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  • Phalanx On Tuesday, July 28, 2020, Phalanx (732)By person wrote:

    I'm good with the steadfast. Good with the fucking and the Where we find each other.

  • Alanarchy On Monday, July 27, 2020, Alanarchy (1194)By person wrote:

    I have lived as a dandelion seed. I've been picked up by a force I couldn't control, and placed down where I wasn't wanted. Where I didn't want to be. I fought the wind. Sometimes I still do. I lose less often now. I've withered a bit with... Wisdom? We'll call it that- I don't feel green. But I feel my roots. Color is a trick of the light... I tend to interpret in a selfish way. There's a lot here. Many doors. More like the spaces between trees in the woods. Write on.

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