Unknown visited me

By Alectozere

Unknown, monster of many shapes
Hides in the dark, in a corner of void
You feel it, but you cannot see it
You know it, because you created it

It hides in Silence, in Dark, in Unseen
Waiting the moment for your glance to come
It is harmless if you don't think about it
It won't do anything as long as you don't mention it

Unseeable, a Presence, no more
But if you are to look, you are doomed
It knows that you know.
You know that it knows.

Suddently, everything grows Silent, Alone
Light fades, flickers, reality changes
You are Alone. Alone with Unimaginable.
In the unknown, with the Unknown.

You don't know how, you just Feel how.
This Horror.. This Absolute fear..
It fills you, leaving nothing behind
Paralyses you, makes you want to vanish

And when you try to scream, it's too late.

The Nightmare, Unknown..
You have it's attention.

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Copyright 2019 Alectozere
Published on Monday, July 1, 2019.     Filed under: "Horror" and "Short Story"

Author's Note:

Many Nightmares have names, this one is Unknown.
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Comments on "Unknown visited me"

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  • Hope in despair On Friday, August 30, 2019, Hope in despair (137)By person wrote:

    Great writing! It's like a professional hitman it comes in, takes you out, and leaves. Confronting darkness, demons. Well done!

  • 13sonsofgod On Thursday, June 27, 2019, 13sonsofgod (760)By person wrote:

    Good write ! I have lived these nightmares for many years, there called demons. They enter your doorways of dreams, and for ones as myself, they never leave, for in our darkness, we are many, and we are home.... Again, good write !

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