Comments by Hope in despair

  • "Love this piece! There is brokenness, and darkness, but such a sense of hope and renewal as well. Broken, but on the mend. "
    Posted by Hope in despair on "Know Demons Again" by Sudos
  • "Great write! I can definitely relate to this! Getting older and yet the daily grind continues relentless. Well done!"
    Posted by Hope in despair on "Crack it " by bwb
  • "You're absolutely right! Those demons have ran my life for far too long. They never had power in the first place, but what I gave them."
    Posted by Hope in despair on "The Hall" by Hope in despair
  • "Man! There is so much beauty I don't know what to say! Such beautiful soul baring honesty! The reflections of life and truth! Brilliant simply brilliant!"
    Posted by Hope in despair on "The Carny Barker" by Damien
  • "Thank you so much Elizabeth! I really like your poems as well! I know I commented on at least one of them, so check that out when you get a chance."
    Posted by Hope in despair on "It's my fault" by Hope in despair
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