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  • "It is true my friend, in the vastness of this great universe, we are like a speck of dust. And I respect your point of view, mine however is from a different angle. I do believe very strongly that all people are inherently special, and unique! And that these specks of dust are not abandoned and forgotten about, but very much known and cared about! I known just from your comment that you are sincere, and a talented writer! That in itself is very unique and special! I am in no way debating or saying what I think is better, I respect and am open to your viewpoint, and hope your are open to mine. They are difference of opinions, but I think that brings something very positive and helpful to our lives when we are open to it. Thank you for your comment, I appreciate you taking time to read my works. I truly mean that, Thank You!"
    Posted by Hope in despair on "The Hall" by Hope in despair
  • "Thank you! I am encouraged that even though it didn't come out like I wanted, the message was not lost. Thank you so much for your comment!"
    Posted by Hope in despair on "Get over it" by Hope in despair
  • "I like this, because it can be interpreted in so many ways! I can see it in the spiritual sense, as 13 has mentioned. I have struggled with Social Anxiety, and have also felt that when I am in an area with a bunch of people I do not know. Well done! Look forward to hearing more from you!"
    Posted by Hope in despair on "Always..." by Commander_Cadaver
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