Burning Bodies & Black Thoughts

By Mad Hatter

My mind is a hell in which bodies always burn,
Beware the gears, they always turn,
And the horrors that may await.

My mind bleeds with constant black thoughts,
Tainted intentions, ill will, noose knots
And a foul imagination.

Nobody can run nor hide from my mind,
No body able to escape the confined,
Unless I leave that body be.

People bleed, people hang, and people roast,
Sometimes I even burn their ghosts,
Sometimes I even laugh.

Sometimes I wonder why I hold such dread,
Sometimes I wonder if it’s in my head,
But then I burn more bodies.

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Copyright 2017 Madison Hatter
Published on Tuesday, March 7, 2017.     Filed under: "Horror" and "Poetry"

Author's Note:

As long as there is hate to be held, the hellfire of the mind will always...burn.
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Comments on "Burning Bodies & Black Thoughts"

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  • Corpse_of_the_Cloth On Sunday, February 2, 2020, Corpse_of_the_Cloth (4)By person wrote:

    Much Appreciated Thank you for your thoughts

  • dwells On Tuesday, March 21, 2017, dwells (4233)By person wrote:

    OSHA gonna write you up for not havin safety guards over them gears MH :) This began with a robotic feel that morphed into a bitter and burn it all down sense of predestined doom. Wondering if you've got chickens on your mind with that "fowl imagination"? (sorry I couldn't resist). Cheers my friend, and lots to like in this diabolical warning of sorts - Dan Burning the ghosts was especially vindictive!

  • A former member wrote: Within our own minds lay the darkest of thoughts. This flowed really well together, and the last stanza really drives this write home. Great job, darling. Reb:).

  • A former member wrote: No more tea for you, you insane haberdashery aficionado you. Well done, poet. Very doomy and all that.

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