White Tree Fairies

By God Is In The Rain

White Tree Fairies

RUN! just RUN! don't look back!
Withers breath! vision black!
Fallin down! on the ground!
Death circless all around!

Waking up from Darkness...
Unable to move in any way...
Opening eyes to see madness...
Wilted colours, blurry shades of grey...
And calming warmth of fire...
It's light...
Cold stone, hands tied with barbed wire...
                           ... and three weird figures in sight ...
"What is this! Who are you!!!!
Let me go! what did i do!????"
Answers young lady, beauty of dawn...
Red iris matches dress...
Smell of air after rain is gone...
Relieves of stress...
                           "Don't you worry! Don'T you worry!
                           We are here to help!
                           Saw you runnin so in hurry!
                           Thought-" (Red Lady)
"Please untie me, wire hurts hands!!
Let me go, leave these grey lands!!"
But answers weird man...
Blue suit white hair...
Style of fan...
And blue childish eyes pair...
                           "Mean is stranger!
                           Can not let him!
                           Wants to leave us!
                           May be danger!" (Blue Boy)
                           "Yes! Yes! please stay!
                           Just for Dinner!
                           Ends Day! Ends Day!
                           Stomach is surely getting thinner!" (Red Lady)
Nods with head, what else could?
This must all be just bad deam!
But prehaps didn't quite understood...
Is to stay with them forever! as Axe meets with desolate Scream!
Unbearable pain in leg!
With brute force a girl in green!
Ignores crying! Ignores beg!
Cuts limb in such horror scene!
Wound sings songs of blood....
Barbed wire cuts flesh from struggling hands...
Fear and Despair come like flood...
While Lady in red just smiles, just stands...
                           "Quick! Quick! Stop red stream!
                           Don't you see our friend is hurt?
                           Hear the crying! Hear the scream!
                           Life from veins pours onto dirt!" (Red Lady)
So bite of the Axe...
Boy in Blue treats...
With Love! With care! Puts on sheets!
Just conciousness cracks...

Wakes up slowly at same place...
Dread crushes, hearts pounds with pace...
Grins the Lady all in red...
Sitting next to morbid bed...
                           "Sorry! Sorry! Meat's not ready!
                           Would you like something to drink?
                           Just tell me and i shall bring!" ^-^ (Red Lady)
For fear unable to say a word!
This is all just so absurd!
With no help to call upon!
Not one! But both legs are gone!
Blood loss, shock and all the pain!
Once again view goes all plain!
So calls Red Lady for help sickly!
Defibrillator uses quickly!
                           "Please stay! Please stay! Do not die!
                           You're my friend, and friends don't lie!
                           You promissed to stay for dinner!
                           and it's not even over yet!" (Red Lady)
"Spawns of Demon! Things of Evil!
All you Die!
Sons of Stepfather! Minds primeval!
Just! Why!?"
                           "Hush now! Shush now! Not polite!
                           Here you hungry, take a bite!" (Green Lady)
From self meat lays on the plate!
Further ruining mental state!
Such upside-down fate!
Crying, Fear and Hate!
Turned into laughter...
And they Dance! And Giggle! And share this Joy!
Honestly and sincerely!
Like kids meeting heroes of theyr tales!
With sharp tools under theyr fingers and bloody clothes...
Only wishing more "guests" arose!
Sad end is of our friend from tonigh....
But worry not! As now we'll stay together forever! ^-^
But worry not we'll try with new!
In this forrest where trees are white!
Lady in Red, Girl in Green and Boy in Blue!  ^-^

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Published on Wednesday, October 18, 2017.     Filed under: "Horror" and "Poetry"

Author's Note:

when i was young, "telletubies" were giving me nightmares =I... prehaps! now you can have nightmares too! ^-^
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Comments on "White Tree Fairies"

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  • Void Vortex On Saturday, November 12, 2016, Void Vortex (316)By person wrote:

    Twisted shit! Tis a wonder, really, your inspirations. Crazy horror piece!

  • God Is In The Rain On Sunday, November 13, 2016, God Is In The Rain (35)By person wrote:

    Usually nightmares... and i'm using public transport a lot too :) ^^

  • A former member wrote: Once again a great page in your book of rain...this tale of tele tubbies was an interesting trip! Well done! -hm Xie Xie peng you

  • God Is In The Rain On Friday, November 11, 2016, God Is In The Rain (35)By person wrote:

    it's not about teletubbies actually... but thank you... :)

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