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Lost in a torment called existance;
Tied in a occult fate, unbroken.

Raised by my anxiety;
Pushed by my fears.

...in inertia...

Restless. Dismal. Dizzy.
Psycho. Groupie. Cocaine. Crazy.

Carpe Diem, Carpe Noctum.

Dismalmind's Works

Poetry (Personal)2015-04-09Suffocato
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Poetry (Reflective)2015-03-16Blank Page
Poetry 2015-03-13Dismal
Poetry (Depressed)2015-03-10Outflow
Poetry 2015-03-09Everyday...
Poetry 2015-03-06Layers
Poetry (Depressed)2015-03-06Paulatim
Poetry (Abuse)2015-02-26Opprobrium
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