It's Been Some Time

By SirEnders

I have done some growing,
Without all of You knowing.
I've been gone for quite some time,
And I have been mostly fine.
Happy to say that I've made progress,
But I'm still living with these Regrets.
Where there's an up comes a down,
Yet I'm still waiting to drown.
Hoping, pleading I'm stable
With few left at My table.
I've wondered if you're all well,
You all helped me leave My shell.
Saw Me through My worst,
I thought I was cursed.
I bid You all hello once more,
I truly mean this from My core.
Writing once again for comfort,
For it could just be a Manic spurt.
Back then I had to fight,
Just to see one more light.
But those few close to Me,
Truly helped Me see.
Without Them, or You, I would not be here,
So thank You please hear that loud and clear.

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Copyright 2023 SirEnders
Published on Monday, November 20, 2023.     Filed under: "Poetry"

Author's Note:

It's been some time, happy to be back writing. Cheers everyone
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