UNICORNS & RAINBOWS - Part 3 of 3 (Dawning of a New Age)

By Damon Tarloth

Something right must go wrong,
To fill this void inside of me,
When I dream, I hear this recurring song,
Not sure why, but it must be the key...

Corruption must appear for my wish to come true,
I picture a Genie from a land of myth,
An Evil grin as I follow through,
Instantly appearing to grant my wish...

Summoning a being of neutrality,
Bending the rules you have done,
No longer bound by this realm's decree,
This sanctuary is tainted by the Fallen One...

The swirling clouds of seeping black,
Tortured screams weeping with a thunderous crack,
The Netherworld prophecy is close at hand,
Greenish-black slime drizzles, perverting the land...

It was a mistake to bring me here,
As I am darkness and full of dread,
The animals tense, stricken with fear,
The shadows pervert into shapes of the dead...

The woman I wished for is now by my side,
Someone to inflict never-ending pain,
Only my wishes effect this Hell that we now reside,
She is my happiness but also my bane...

Death and Decay, is coming this way,
From a deadly wave of haunting mist,
As despair takes hold in this horrific fray,
The forest creatures all writhe and twist...

The air turns cold, as day becomes night,
This silent stalker, spreading blight,
The living mist, a black creeping doom,
Covers this land, like a blinding tomb...

The pixies and fairies wracked with pain,
Disfigured abominations, going insane,
Hideous creations of walking death,
Razor sharp teeth and poisonous breath...

I am the Lord of this Ill Gotten Land,
You are my subjects, under our command,
She is my Queen and we both will rule,
I am the Bringer of Death, she is Sadistic and Cruel...

Damon Tarloth
Part I : Never-ending Happiness
Part II : Happiness / Shadowed By Dread
Part III : A New Day Dawns
Part 3 and the final chapter of a fantasy land of happiness, that starts down a path to Darkness. The main character is faced with choices that will either save this land or make it damned. Either way it will be a paradise. A paradise for the Living or a paradise for the Dead...

© a year ago, Damon   


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Copyright 2016 Damon Tarloth
Published on Tuesday, April 12, 2016.     Filed under: "Poetry"

Author's Note:

Part 1 - (A friend requested a Happy Story) Part 2 - (My true colors started bleeding through) Part 3 - (This was all me!)
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