Nightmare Lands - ACT I (The Doorway)

By Damon Tarloth

I close my eyes and the light fades away.
Breathing deep to calm my mind.
Drifting beyond the affliction filled day.
Searching for relaxation to finally unwind...

For a moment no thoughts do I see.
And no quandaries to contemplate.
Just as serenity begins to pass over me.
I sense the darkness possessed with Hate...

A hint of panic, my eyes flash wide.
Within seconds my sight was gone.
The mist flowed in and my vision denied.
An eerie feeling that I don't belong...

Just as quick as my sight was skewed.
The mist revealed the moonlit land.
Cringing at the blood soaked view.
Terror stricken as I quickly scanned...

Recurrence of this Hellish place.
What brings me back here again.
Dreading the horrors I must face.
Knowing the slaughter will soon begin...

Never playing out exactly the same.
So many times I've been here before.
Just a pawn in a demented game.
Each time the story revealing more...

The castle in the west where the undead reside.
An Evil presence enshrouded with gore.
A blackish liquid oozing down each side.
Feeding the moat like a hungry whore...
Damon Tarloth


This is the beginning of an adventure into the realm of the dead. A one way ticket as they would say. There are no doors to enter this place and there are no doors to leave it either. There is only one way to gain access into the depths of the Abyss, and that is Death. Some how by chance, in a dream-like state, you found a hidden entrance as an uninvited guest. Or now that you think about it, maybe this was intentional and something Dark brought you here for a different reason altogether...

© a year ago, Damon  


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Copyright 2016 Damon Tarloth
Published on Tuesday, April 12, 2016.     Filed under: "Poetry"

Author's Note:

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