By Soulfire

Though my heart is heavy with sadness, I will not cry
My tears have fallen for years and left me dry
I am tired of the empty promises and excuses you make
Everything you say, like an illusion, is fake 

When others gave up, I was there for you
I kept asking myself "What would Jesus do?"
All I heard was "love, love, love"
Judging is only for our Father above

So I ignore what people say "Don't write. Don't answer his call."
Because in my heart, that never felt right. Not at all.
For even though you have lied, stolen, and cheated me and others
God only gave me one little brother

Christmas comes and my heart is Merry and bright
And in a moment, I knew they were all right
Did you ask me about family? Did you ask questions about your son? 
Nope. Not a single, fucking one.

Instead you request that I call someone who helped you fail
One who will not write to you in jail
You didn't call to talk to me, it was just another trick
That was the final blow, and my heart took a direct hit

I love you little brother, this will ALWAYS be true
But until you get better, I will not help you
Write me, but do not call.
I will not answer, answer at all.

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Copyright 2013 Soulfire
Published on Monday, December 30, 2013.     Filed under: "Depressed" and "Poetry"
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  • A former member wrote: great piece, I can so relate! thanks for sharing!

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