By the Id

Sometimes I wish I were as weak as your skin.
Thin and pale and so easily split
wide open. I wish
I could simply hold up my arms and wrists
Stretched and spread,
While the world showers me in failures while calling them “regrets”
I want you to look inside me, bone marrow deep.
With that well-rehearsed expression
pathetic lips quiver and the slant of your pencil thin brows.
I wish I were as weak as your skin,

Because I’ve tried crumbling at your feet in the ways that prove I’m only human
But I just couldn't seem to tear my eyes away from the riddles
You tried hiding in freckles and blushed cheeks
and finding that weakness was your honesty.

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Copyright 2013 the Id
Published on Monday, August 26, 2013.     Filed under: "Poetry"

Author's Note:

Something on a whim. May not keep it.
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  • A former member wrote: I think it was you who once so eloquently stated "weak people have it so easy". I couldn't agree more. Show them your strength, & it's "you should stop trying to show everyone how tough you are, I ain't buyin' it" them your moments of weakness & it's "chin up & quit bein' such a pussy!" The truly strong cannot win. I think honesty is a "weakness" for many people, on both sides of the coin. Thanks for the piece, Idster.

  • Maladroit On Thursday, August 29, 2013, Maladroit (202)By person wrote:

    It's incredibly difficult to comment on- I can see why Kerry has you favored. It's not so much the format but the concept and metaphor that make you two kindered spirits. Well written, whim or not, it seems polished and well developed. Keep it.

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