Sex with an angel

By ladyofsorrow

 IM haunted by her love, so sweet and pure. Shes wonderful perfect and beautiful like God had sent her straight from heaven. Lips so soft and plump, eyes so green an innocent, hair so long and red flowing down her back just stopping above her butt. Her skins so soft and smooth . As i touch her warm body my finger tips start to Trimble as they slide across her 36 c cup breast. I wrap my mouth around her tiny hard pink nipple Her moan drives me crazy and my cock starts to get hard she bites my neck an my eyes roll. I slide my hand down her stomach to her tight wet pussy i watch her beautiful face go from straight to biting her lip. 

I slide a finger in and slowly move in an out she takes ahold of my cock an moves up and down i love you i think in my head your perfect in every way my darling. She climbs on top of me an rides me slow then fast slow then fast and i cant take my eyes off her face. She screams as she cums all over me. I toss her body over on the bed and start to fuck her from behind. Her hands start to grips the sheets tight as i smack her ass. Her skin so pale and white almost as if she was dead.

I pull her up some to kiss her neck and rub my hand from her neck to her belly. The smell of flowers flow from her hair and i feel myself getting ready to cum. As i lay her body back down i pull out and wrap her mouth around my cock. And the view of her taking me all in makes me cum all down her throat. My angel

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Copyright 2012 ladyofsorrow
Published on Saturday, March 31, 2012.     Filed under: "Love" and "Short Story"

Author's Note:

Comment and rate, this is a false short story just something i wrote horny for real as me role playing as the guy.
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