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Im D-ray Im a down as Juggalette so, [GET OFF IT] i make things complicated :) and i have to have it my way ♥ i cry easy && laugh for hours :) i change my mind at least 3 times before i decide. i only listen to the things i want to verrry impatient. i always put things off till the last minute. im hesitaty. im easy to talk to but hard to understand. i love music. i take things to heart. i forgive easy but i never forget.dont tell me what to do i wont listen! i will shock you with some of the things i do. i like to be spontanious music is my life. i dont hold grudges unless youve really pissed me off im not really close to my family.. except my sister destiny and big bro johnny :) && im a mommys girl to the extreme ... i fight with my bestfriend Boogie CONSTANTLY. i always put my friends happiness in front of mine. i never go through with plans. haha and i have this litttttle attitude problem :) haha. no one really gets me. but i do and thats all that mattters :) I love Dead things. Blood and guts turn me on, confidence=success. i stay true to myself. i hate people who dont.. what i do now. determines my futuree.

+ I need a bitch, an alcoholic I need a bitch pukin', bent over my toile

Otep Shamaya, Has stole my heart. She is why i write

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Poetry (Personal)2012-02-21The Fear
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Poetry (Love)2012-03-15Mi Amor For Him
Poetry (Depressed)2012-03-15Wrong turn
Short Story (Love)2012-03-31Sex with an angel
Lyrics 2012-04-11Shattered pieces
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