Comments by Sudos

  • "This was an enjoyable read and as I clicked it, GoGo Penguin - Bardo started playing and it served to heighten the overall experience."
    Posted by Sudos on ""Sinister Wine"" by Sorrowful Jester
  • "I've read much of your work and I'd say your words definitely have an artist's touch. Whichever way you feel more comfortable when you set out to do this is the most important factor. You could always come back to neatly stacked lines and elaborate."
    Posted by Sudos on "The Abyss" by Sorrowful Jester
  • "I feel and understand this on every level I believe, Sorrowful Jester. As to your authors note, I think a series of short poems exploring this would be amazing but a book would be equally amazing. I vote poems, however, because you have a way of speaking volumes with short lines."
    Posted by Sudos on "The Abyss" by Sorrowful Jester
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