Comments by TropicalSnowstorm

  • "Great piece! "Perception is as much a part of landscape as trees and stars" - I agree, I think the beauty of a scene is, if not imparted, at least recognized and framed by the observer. One person sees a beautiful forest...another sees an overgrown piece of land they would like to pave over. I think the first of those views requires the ability to keep the wonder of what surrounds alive, and that requires it be well watered. I enjoyed this piece very much! Ciao, T/S"
    Posted by TropicalSnowstorm on "a brief anatomy of gentle wonder" by Feral
  • ""No matter how far away the Sea may be or how long ago She fell away, water magic lingers in the organic curves of sand and limestone." - those are such great lines! I like the idea of the echo of the sea, still to be seen in the rocks surrounding us. Ciao, T/S"
    Posted by TropicalSnowstorm on "calico" by Feral
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