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I'm a 31 year old recovering addict. I am also a musician and lyricist. I enjoy writing. It has always been therapeutic throughout my life, but I was completely unaware what it was trying to save me from. After over two decades of running towards my escape (my addiction) I have begun a life that strives to be lived, not survived.

My works will tell my story. It may not always make sense, but they are all important pieces to the jigsaw puzzle that makes

This is my life. From ashes I am reborn, and my light will shine outside of the darkness that once imprisoned it.

May the Gods bless you and guide you always.


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Lyrics 2018-08-28Out Of The Shadows
Poetry (Depressed)2018-09-07The Ritual
Lyrics (Non-Fiction)2018-09-11Ironic Reprieve
Poetry (Depressed)2018-11-08The Monster
Poetry 2019-06-06The Oak
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