I accept.

By Justin

I run from shame, I'll do anything to heal this hurt.
I learn to swallow pride, behind my hollow eyes.
No one's coming to pull me from the abyss.
No one can lift these burdens.
The jackals circle me now, sensing a rising strength.
In the past unaware of the myriad cycles that drug me back into the filth.
In my ignorance, I played their pitiful games.
In my stupidity, I believed their intentions.
In my malice, I also struck out in anger.
I invite you now creatures.
Nip at my heels.
Tear at my flesh.
Knaw on my bones.
Corrupt my mind.
Turn my senses against me.
Steal all that I love in this world.
Give me their hatred, load its burdens on my shoulders.
Give me their doubt, hang it from my neck.
Give me their jealousy, let it's weight bear down on me.
I accept this agony.
I accept this shame.
I accept.

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Copyright 2023 Justin
Published on Friday, February 17, 2023.     Filed under: "Poetry"

Author's Note:

Jai Shri Ram
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