What’s Hidden Beneath

By LateNightThoughts

I'm tired of hiding,
From the stolen glances my way.
Smiling at people everyday.
Knowing they know,
My demeanor is fake.

But some people I can trick,
Into playing my game.
Laugh in their face,
While they do the same.
Swap conversation,
Though I have nothing to gain.

Then there are the people,
Who know my shame.
Ones I interact with,
Call by name.
One shared glance,
And they know I'm not okay.
They comfort me,
While time ticks away.
Telling me it's alright,
While I'm on full display.
Act as if,
I won't hide away.

But I'll hide forever.
If it keeps me safe.
I'll laugh and smile,
If that's all it takes.
I'll do it all,
Until it fades away.

And when I die,
I'll take it to the grave.
At least i'll know,
What I've kept hidden.
Six feet deep.
Only a few will know,
What lies beneath.

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Copyright 2022 LateNightThoughts
Published on Thursday, June 9, 2022.     Filed under: "Depressed" and "Poetry"
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