Betraying my soul

By Cassidello

I've got a moment in time
A fractured remain
A distant pain that stays the same
I am screaming but the sound hits the floor
Picking itself up, throwing tantrums like thunder

I've got a rage like nonother
But just like the others
Quite happy to see me and closer than brothers
We are connected, these feelings, they come in together
They change like the seasons, they melt like the weather

I've got a bottle full of better
But every sip is bitter
I can't get it sweeter and I can't fill the liter
I'd like to take a full chug while the night is still young
Cause when the nights in my favor, the day will never come

I've got a moment in time
Where I can get easily locked inside my own mind
Chasing you, unlucky you, unrequited you
Bursting like a bubble, I am untrue to who
None other than the one in the mirror
Yes, it has to be,
These feelings couldn't be clearer

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Copyright 2021 Cassidello
Published on Saturday, July 10, 2021.     Filed under: "Poetry"
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