Apple Trees, Apple Trees, APPLE TREES!!!

By Cassidello

So I bought a few bags of apples
And I took them home with me
To bake into an apple pie
And also to plant a tree
So I keep the apple seeds

My neighbor baked an apple pie
And brought a slice to me
I said too kindly "Do you mind?,
See I'd like to plant a tree."
So she gave them willingly
Happily for an apple tree
Happy for my apple seeds

I sat next to a woman
Eating apples in the park
I said so shy and timid
"Do you mind if I impart,
That I'd like to grow a tree
So beautiful with bounty
So, if I may, your seeds
And she smiled handing them to me
Those lovely apple seeds
For my beautiful apple tree

I passed a man on the side of the road
Cutting fruits, pitting fruits, mashing fruits into bowls
And there low and behold!
Apples in numbers untold
So again, anxiously I had to ask
"Sir if I may be so crass,
See I'd like to plant some trees
With fruits beyond what the eye can see
So, please, please, please
May I keep your apple seeds?"
And he smiled and gave them to me
For my lovely apple trees

Now with all of my seeds I could plant my trees
So I prepped my seeds rather hastily
With a mortar and pestle grinding away through the night
And the smell was familiar oh maybe one bite?
These are not for me
They are for my apple trees
My beautiful apple trees

Now how will I plant them?
How should I try?
Oh! I'll do as my neighbor
And bake them into a pie

As the night dragged on
At the crack of dawn
With the night sky gone
And the air so warm
I called aloud on a microphone
"Come one come all
Come see!
I've baked you all some sweets!
From my beautiful apple treats!
For my beautiful apple trees!"

And out they came, one by one
Mothers, fathers, children by the ton
Trusting happy, as they each took a plate
Eating for apple trees twice their weight
Eating to plant my seeds
For my todiefor apple trees

Then my neighbor came to me
With a mouthful and a smile from cheek to cheek
"This is something familiar,
Oh it's right at the type of my tongue
Something about this flavor!
What is it little one?!"
"Macarons? Almonds, that must be your secret!"
And softly I whispered
"Only a secret if you keep it"
And she laughed and ate for my tree
From my lovely apple seeds
For my beautiful apple tree

And like magic before me they started to sprout
I watched as they all rooted themselves to the ground
My apple trees!
How they foamed at the mouth!
Hundreds of apple trees!
From my beautiful apple seeds!

One by one, twisting and turning
Some children screaming
"My insides are burning!!!"
Old lady Jane is spitting up blood
Good neighbor Patricks' face down in the mud
Little Henry can't stop throwing up

Oh I can't believe
My lovely apple trees
Growing right before me
My beautiful apple trees
Singing, singing happily
These beautiful apple trees
Such lovely apple trees

Unauthorized Copying Is Prohibited. Ask the author first.
Copyright 2020 Cassidello
Published on Monday, November 30, 2020.     Filed under: "Horror" and "Poetry"
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