Encroaching reality

By Brokenwords

Bloodshot eyes begging the rest of my senses to ignore the slowly encroaching reminder of mortality..

    The first shades of orange and blue pierce the shadows veil  acting as herald for a new day’s arrival. Will this invasion be the beginning of a renewal? A rebirth similar to a Phoenix rising up from the ashes of self doubt and loathing or the end of a purgatorial existence interpreted by most as their own personal apocalypse. 

    The unsettling sound of a crisp autumn morning explodes into a dull roar as the blissfully ignorant inhabitants of a colorless “wonderland” blindly fall into routine. Completely unaware as an unrelenting predator stalks silently, bathed in what remains of the darkness. 

    The thin line that separates light and darkness becomes blurry as the final threads of the blanket of night is ripped away. “What gives you the right?” The unanswered question that echoes through my head, as I stare at the approaching invader with hatred erupting from every seam. My insides violently scream out “I didn’t ask for this!” 

    Do people who truly need help escaping from themselves ever ask for it? Only once they’ve reached a place to toxic and unbearable for even their darkest demons to continue to keep the stranglehold? What then? Ask for help and get well enough to make room for the demons return? Or is this time different then the rest? Will the light finally prevail?

Eyes still bloodshot.....searching for answers to questions that shouldn’t ever have to be asked....only to find more questions that will torment me further.

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Copyright 2020 Brokenwords
Published on Sunday, September 6, 2020.     Filed under: "Depressed" and "Poetry"
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