By magpythief

You've been sentenced to a slow death
People forget that suffocation is slow
Deeper pain is one denial away
Accept your sentence and gradually fade

            Take Nothing
            Vanquish None
            Kill Time

Life is set to a ticking clock
Step off click to get put down
You weren't meant to wear the crown

            Murder Romance
            Ban Conquest and Bend the Knee

There should be one thousand bodies between you and me
You'll be the queen of the castle I besiege
Sweet Victory.
I wish you to be the death of me

            Explore Nowhere
            Solve Infinity
            Plunder Emptiness

Life is short or so they say
But only in Adventure's way
Pay a fee to see the aided tour
Traverse it yourself for no reward

            Feign Optimism
            Dissemble Daily
            Make Chains

Society obsessed. Obsequiousness.
You'll win the the game. Just wait. It's Death!
You only want comfort. Everyone knows.
We'll make sure to extinguish your light real slow.

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Copyright 2020 gordlonious
Published on Saturday, July 18, 2020.     Filed under: "Poetry"
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