By Wildmagnolia

Silent peaceful and still you smell the air Terror frightened please don't hurt me don't touch me there this isn't fare.
Breathe deep it's okay you're in a safe place but it was so real I can see his face.
Post-traumatic stress disorder is hard and very real, it's not just a memory you can hear taste see smell and feel.
It's like yesterday at happened, but it's really in the head I'm trapped in.
I'm a victim of child abuse
I Wish I Could Break Free, of the violence war and death that I see.
I fought for my country be strong showing no feeling is what I was taught.
A car backfires I'm back in the fight I can smell the gunpowder desth and my battle buddies scream, this is so real it's more than a dream.
You pop back into reality your son's pulling on your bdus he asked if you're okay, you sruffle his hair and tell tell him yes tomorrow is a new day
I'm in United States soldier

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Copyright 2020 Wildmagnolia
Published on Tuesday, February 4, 2020.     Filed under: "Poetry"
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