By Angramis

everything must go this way
you left me
yet you say you love me
everything about you
i want you to know

how much that i do love you
if that is the only thing that can
that can keep me sane
just by having you 
all around my room
but nothing changes
like an obsession 

you consume me
eat my misery
drink my sadness
hold my heart 
like a bloody piece of meat
your the one
that caused all this

you leave me unanswered
the questions in my broken mind
tear at me 
slowly but they do
everything is just 
i am unable to answer 
the questions you leave me with

like a child lorn for their mother
you are not going to save me
like a video game there is no 
no cheat code 
to make my heart beat again
the way it once did

almost feeling like an ending 
of a gothic tragedy 
and the last cut to the wrist
i bleed for you
the one that left me 

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Copyright 2014 Angramis
Published on Saturday, January 25, 2014.     Filed under: "Poetry"
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Comments on "Unanswered"

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  • Angramis On Sunday, January 26, 2014, Angramis (23)By person wrote:

    Thanks. This whole poem I put up because of that, in am confused and hurt. Im glad you enjoyed it

  • A former member wrote: ahah. that cheat code imagery.. it sounds somehow funny but also kinda.. out of place. nonetheless i liked it. it added a little extra dimension to this poem.... all the confusion and despair between the lines..sweet

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