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Antiquity beautiful darkness
mystic archiac arcane
beckoning magical realm
reality by measures diminished
Far away ever so near
souls juxtaposed in the aether
celestial vision appears
terrestrial message is clear
Borne on the wings of desire
ashes from eternal flame
rise to the manifest pinnacle
bestowing life to peripheral dreams inspired
Genesis of initiation
percerption and conscience transcending
rising from depths within
significant sound & vibration
Reverence the pleasure received
bask in enlightening the essence
Embrace the new rising son
partake of the sweet oblivion

Scorpio999's Works

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Poetry (Reflective)2015-07-10 Tenebris Artis
Poetry (Reflective)0000-00-00Reborn
Poetry (Reflective)0000-00-00Daughter of Sorcerie
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