1000 Credits? No Problem

TurboBoost is an experimental new feature: For DC$20, you can boost your account credits to 1000 for six hours.

Finally you can immortalize that entire notebook of poems online in one shot.


Joe used to be a full member, but now can only manage a basic membership. Since he filled up his quota while he was under his Full membership, he has no room to post as basic. His sole option for posting more used to be to upgrade to Gold, but now he can buy a boost and post all he wants for the day, mostly bypassing the quota limits.


In the example above, Joe will not get nearly as much exposure for his works as he would as a higher ranked member posting them over many days.

This is because the site will only show a few works at a time by the same author in the "new works" list on the home page. This is to reduce the abuse of the "new works" list on the homepage, ensuring that everybody has an equal opportunity to appear there and spend some time in the limelight.

That said, Joe will be able to pack his profile with plenty of new works and appear more often in random work hits and so on.

TurboBoost It!

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