Poet of the Week

The poet of the week is a special honor for higher ranking members who have distinguished themselves through their activities on DarkPoetry.

How to Be The Poet of the Week

Be really good and impress a lot of people, or talk a friend into nominating you.  That's about it really.

If you are so chosen, you can expect a massive surge in readership during the week of honor.

How to Nominate The Poet of the Week

Your nomination will only be considered if it fits the following criteria:

Nominee requirements:

  • At the moment, only Full and Gold members qualify to be Poet of the Week.
  • They have to consent to your nomination.
  • They must have a picture of some sort and be willing to post it.  It's a lot more likely that they'll be approved if the picture is of a human face belonging to them.
  • You can't nominate yourself.

Nomination requirements:

  • Any member Postcard and up can nominate someone.
  • Send a DPmail to DarkPoet with the subject being, "The Poet of the Week"
  • Write up a short paragraph (50-60 words) about why they are special.  Make every word count.  Revise it at least 3 times: it will be shown to thousands of visitors on the main page of DarkPoetry, and any mistakes or badly chosen wording will result in a rejection, or if you're lucky, severe editing.
  • Don't forget to tell DarkPoet whom you are nominating.


All nominations will be read and considered, and the winner will be posted prominently on the main page of DarkPoetry for a week.

The winner will be given an award badge that they can display on their profile indefinitely if they wish, similar to the Poem of the Day badge.
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