Loyalty Awards

Note: This page is obsolete, we have moved our awards to the achievements area. For historical purposes, we will leave the following page up:

To honor its major supporters, DarkPoetry will be sponsoring special awards, updated several times a year, to call attention to outstanding members.

Lifelong Support Award

These awards are based on the total membership dues paid over the lifetime of their membership.  These awards are based on years of Gold membership at an annual rate.

10 years or more:  (no member recipients as of Jan 2010)

5 years or more: The Order of the Raven (in order of contribution)

Recipients (January 12, 2010): March 25, 2010

Major Commentor Award

The "Ordo Mercurium" award, named for the messenger god himself, goes only to the most prolific of DarkPoetry commentors by number of insightful comments left on other's poetry.

To honor others with good commentary in such quantity deserves great recognition.

Recipients (March 25, 2010):
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