All possible achivements on DarkPoetry, ordered by eliteness.

Legends of DarkPoetry

Members who have demonstrated exceptional artistic talent, and have been hand-selected for the honor. These poets represent the very best of DarkPoetry, according to the opinion of Council and The Creator.

Order of the Raven

Contributed extraordinary quantities of time or funds to help build DarkPoetry. This is our highest honor!

Council Service

Was nominated and accepted to serve on the DarkPoetry Council

Ordo Mercurium

Recognized for extraordinary dedication to consistently providing insightful feedback to members over a very long period of time.

Steady Supporter

Awarded to members who have an excellent track record of supporting DarkPoetry with regular payments (at any membership level) for the five years leading up to today. These members truly keep the ship on course. Updated daily.

Prolific Commentor

Our top twenty comment givers of the last full year. Updated daily.

Prolific Poet

Awarded to our twenty most prolific poets. Want to get on this list? Get writing! Updated daily.

Glorius Lifer

This member has been with DarkPoetry for more than ten years.

Gilded The Lily

This member achieved a Gold Membership as their highest membership support level.

Cabal Founder

Founded and organized an approved cabal.

Site Builder

This member achieved a Full Membership as their highest membership support level.

Contest Master

Organized and supervised a member-sponsored contest.

Chosen for PoTD

This member has had at least one poem chosen for DarkPoetry's Poem of the Day.

Clanged The Tip Jar

This member achieved a Basic Membership as their highest membership support level.

A Chosen One

Earned DarkPoetry membership by virtue of comments left for others.

Malicious Rater

This member seems to enjoy rating others comments or works extremely negatively, and is a serial offender.

Ghost Rider

This member has not logged on to DarkPoetry for more than a year. This dis-achievement is easy to remove, just log in once! Updated daily.

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