Jobs and Professional Writing @ DarkPoetry

DarkPoetry does have a number of intern-style jobs that will get your name in print if you have the writing chops.

If your career path is closely related enough to DarkPoetry's activities, whether it be writing, marketing, or online development, please contact DarkPoet to discuss an official part time internship opportunity.

Current Openings

These are the jobs that need to be filled.  Last updated May 21, 2010:

Social Networking Contributor

Pay:  Writing Credits - you'll either be listed in the site credits or have your profile/dp name/real name mentioned where possible, your choice.

Description:  You'll look into ways to keep members thinking about poetry in their lives, and send out a fairly regular series of facebook postings and possibly compile interesting tweets for twitter.

Email a sample of your writing to Darkpoet at gmail or Friend DarkPoet to get in touch and show your profile at the same time.  (put "DP Social" in the invite please)


Pays:  Varies

Description:  Anyone with a background in marketing or club/organization/community building experience is invited to join the Marketing Department, a new effort by DarkPoetry members to promote the site and encourage new members.

Contact: Apply to the Marketing Department Cabal

Poet of the Week Scout

Pays:  Writing credit + link given on each front-page writeup

Description:  DarkPoetry needs someone to select poets of the week and do a write-up on them and their poetry style.  A qualified applicant should have a very good background in poetry concepts and be capable of reviewing a poet's body of work in a positive way. 

Contact: Submit a sample write-up to DarkPoet via DPmail on a current Poet on DarkPoetry.

Poetry Workshop Writer

Pays: Writing credit + link given on frontpage and issue summary.  Ducats available for exceptional work.

Description: A good candidate will write an essay about some aspect of poetry, usually 4-6 pages with standard margins double spaced.   See any previous issue for examples.  A good candidate will be willing to work with the editor for updates as an essay may be sent back a few times with comments prior to publication.

Contact: Submit a sample article to DarkPoet via DPmail to get started

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