Teen Problems? Get Advice From An Elder

A Letter From DarkPoet

When I was young I was overwhelmed with everything that I was going through and I found no comfort in counselors or other professionals nor their sometimes judgmental attitudes.

So I ended up hanging out with other people like me who were going through the same kinds of things. While they were friends who I could speak to about most of my troubles, they were sometimes so messed up themselves that it didn't really help me any, and probably did me more harm than good spending time with them.

I guess what I'm getting at is that what would have helped me more than anything was to speak to someone who both knew a little about the situation I had been trapped in, but was "over it" enough to give me decent advice.

So, since I made myself a few promises when I was young and helpless about how I would conduct myself as an adult, I want to make available to you others who have suffered similar problems to what you might be going through.

None of these people are paid for helping you. They are doing it because they feel good about themselves when they can make a difference and help someone. I'm of the opinion that when you ask for help, you also help the person helping you, and everybody comes out ahead in the end.

You can find the right Elder on the Elder's Group page.

If you qualify, you may also choose to become an Elder.

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