How to Become A DarkPoetry Elder

If you're reading this page it is assumed that you know very well what the DarkPoetry Elders are about, and you want to do some good in the world and join up.


So you want to become a DarkPoetry elder?  There is no better role for directly being able to help someone who needs a hand with personal issues on the site.  Therefore it has some requirements:
  • You must have had a paid membership to DarkPoetry on the current account that you're using.  (this is an identity verification requirement.)  You don't need to have a paid account now, just a history of at least one credit card payment in the past.
  • You must be at least 21 years of age
  • You must be very active.  This means you must log into DP at least three times a week, to check DPmail, though several skipped weeks are permitted per year for vacations and other things.
  • You must be willing to share in plain language, to anyone who browses the site, what experiences you have gone through, and a little about where you are now.  The reason for this is that the person who may reach out to you has to feel that you're going to understand them and that you're healed enough to have something to offer them.
  • You must understand how to avoid being judgmental.  If you are not a sensitive person, this is not a position I want you to volunteer for. Be frank with yourself about this, it's important.
  • You realize that you are not qualified to deal with serious psychological issues, and you will not try any "therapy" or any other thing that you'd ordinarily need a license for.  You're here to listen, and talk, and that's it.  You will encourage anyone who seems in serious trouble to seek professional help.
  • You acknowledge that DarkPoetry is only a  forum which provides you a way to meet other people, and that any interactions with others are strictly between you and them.  DarkPoetry will not be held liable for any interpersonal conflicts that may arise out of using this program.


First, you should first visit the page for the Elders cabal, and note any key words that apply to your life history.  You can add to this list if you need to.

Secondly, you should prepare a short essay (see the current ones for an example) explaining what you've gone through, what you have to offer, and anything that you think would convince a young person in trouble to reach out.  Cover all topics that you chose keywords for if possible.

Send the keyword list, and your essay to the Cabal leader through the usual application process.
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